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A Little Bit of History

It begin with Mike owning and driving a Street Stock at Silver Spring Speedway with Susan, Jared, Paul, and Michelle in the stands.  Mike drove for 3 years and won 3 times in the #3m.  Mike then sold his Street Stock and bought a go-kart.  The boys alternated racing it week to week at Sandy Hook Speedway.  Eventually there were more go-karts and Mike even got behind the wheel.  This continued for many years at Hunterstown Speedway.  As Paul was turning 16 they bought a Street Stock for Paul to race.  After painting the car orange and readying it for the track, the decision was made (after much nudging by Gary Wolford) to sell the Street Stock and buy a Super Sportsman that Wolford had at his shop.  In Paul's first race at Silver Spring he was black flagged for "going too slow" as the officials explained that the speed he was driving was a hazard to himself and the other competitors.  Paul was only following Wolford's advice of only driving as fast as he felt comfortable, which wasn't much faster than the pace lap speed.  In Paul's 3rd year he qualified for his first race, the wingless race, which would be one of the last wingless races at Silver Spring. Paul and the team learned a lot those first few years and ending up winning 3 races at Silver Spring including the Will Krietzer Memorial before the track closed.  Since then the team improved and are consistently one of the top teams in the division, finishing one year 5 points out of the tour championship to Rich Eichelberger.  A few years ago Jared decided to drive Paul's backup car and since has qualified and finished the 100 lapper and continues to improve week to week.  It won't be long until Jared enjoys victory lane.  Along the way we have had lots of help and support from many different people, and couldn't be were we are today with out them.

 Jared Miller

Driver: 85

Wife: Morgan

Years Racing: 9 Super Sportsman, 6 Go-Kart


Paul Miller

Driver: 58

Wife: Angela

Years Racing: 20 Supersportman, 8 Go-Kart

Supersportsman Feature Wins: 19
3 - Silver Spring Speedway
1 - Port Royal Speedway
2 - Lincoln Speedway
3 - Susquehanna Speedway
11 - Williams Grove Speedway


What is a Super Sportsman?

  • A form of a Sprint Car that is unique to central Pennsylvania
  • Engine: up to 360 cubic inch production style steel or cast iron block
  • Fuel Delivery: must use a carburetor (max 4 barrel), belt driven or push rod style fuel pump, no electric pumps
  • Fuel: Grade A or Grade AA Methanol Alcohol, no additives
  • Wing: Top wing maximum size 16 sq. ft., side panels no larger that 30" by 70", no front wing
  • Steering: Manual Steering, no power steering or steering assistance of any kind
  • Brakes: Left front disc brake, Inboard brake rotor mounted solidly to rear axle, right rear and left rear disc brake optional. No power brakes.
  • Weight: Total weight of car and driver after race must be a minimum of 1750 lbs
  • Wheelbase: 90" min, measured on left side of car; motor plate to rear axle 45", motor plate to front axle 45"
  • Starting: Must be self starting with a high torque starter
  • Engine Cam: no roller cam, must be flat tappet style
  • Engine Crank: Factory or Factory Dimension Aftermarket crank, min weight 46lbs.
  • Ignition: HEI, MSD style; No magneto, no computer controlled device (ie. traction control)
  • Fuel Cell: Standard sprint car fuel cell with bladder
  • Frame: Bottom rail must be 2"x4" steel or chromoly tubing extending from rear of cockpit forward 58"; rear roll bar and frame must be 30" minimum at shoulder height
  • Body: Hood and body panel must be generally accepted sprint car style panels

More in Depth Look at a Super Sportsman
Frame (Chassis)

*This is a bare Super Sportsman: 2011 Kramer Kraft Frame
                    Picture coming soon
*This is a complete Super Sportsman: identical Kramer Kraft Frame

* One main difference between a Super Sportsman and a sprint car is the bottom rail shown below.  A Super Sportsman must have 2"x4" rectangle tubing, from the rear of the cockpit to the front of the engine, total of 58" long.

Below is a side profile so you can see the length of the box tubing.  In the below picture you can see we have the seat mounted, radiator mounted, and have the firewall installed.

*Below is a basic sprint car frame, notice how the frame is made up completely of round tubing.

*Some of the more subtle differences between a sprint car frame and Super Sportsman are the length,width, and height.
 Super Sportsman are longer from the rear motor plate back, which make the cockpit more roomy, and slows the handling of the car.  Super Sportsman's are actually tapered from the narrower front end  to the wider rear.  This gives the driver more room from the outer frame, and also the impacting area in a crash.  While a sprint car frame as viewed from over head is a rectangle, the Super Sportsman frame would be a trapezoid.  Generally Super Sportsman frames are taller at the drivers head area, but this is not always the case.

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