Miller Racing Team
Super Sportsman
In-Car Video
The video below are not the best quality and the file size has to be compressed to run on the website (further deteriorating) the quality.  The sound continues to cut in and out and mostly be unrecognizable.  Sorry, please turn down your volume, because it is not a true representation of the engine or sounds of racing.
These in car video's we take are for our own learning, and showing of mistakes made and setups missed, it also gives you the fan a glimpse into driving a Super Sportsman.  We hope you enjoy.  You can make the screen full size will help see through the spots of dirt, one day the camera man will use a tear-off!
The video is from the feature 8/20/11. It ends in a crash, the audio is worthless, so you should mute the volume.

Heat Race Action 8/20/11

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